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R.D. "Pat" Neighbors started Neighbors Construction Company after World War II when the Navy gave him a tool box filled with hand tools in exchange for his exemplary service. Pat worked for contractors in the Kansas City area and found work wherever he could. With a growing tool collection and an unrelenting determination to become successful, Pat built a crew of craftsman and by 1952 he was framing houses.

Houses were not the only thing to come, in 1960 his framing crews took on apartments. It didn't take long before Pat saw his future in general contracting. 1968 marked the first apartment complex where Neighbors Construction Company was the General Contractor. The carpenters and foreman who once were cutting stairs and rafters or managing framing crews with Pat were superintendents in 1968. Many of these men stayed with the company for more than 30 years.

Pat's son, Roger expanded Neighbors Construction's forte in 1977 when Pat put him in charge of running the first footing crew. Two aspects of the construction process, the foundation and framing, which are very critical for pushing the schedule, were now controlled by Neighbors Construction. This gave Pat and Roger an edge over the competition. In 1989 Pat sold the Company to Roger. 2001 marked the 50th year Neighbors Construction had been performing work in Kansas City and the Central Midwest.

Roger's sons (Pat's grandsons, Ryan and Aaron) joined the company in 2000 after graduating from Colorado State University with degrees in construction management. Roger trained his sons as his father trained him, by insisting they learn from the ground up. The main philosophy is still the same as it was in 1952; work hard, push the schedule and hire loyal, dedicated people who can build a project that meets the customer's needs.