Our Expertise

Everyday real estate developers and owners count on our ability to successfully manage their investment from start to finish.  Clients choose Neighbors Construction Company not just because of what we build, but because of how we advise to build.

Our comprehensive construction services work best in the initial planning stages when we can perform a thorough project analysis as the negotiated general contractor on the development team.  Due to our extensive knowledge of construction and subcontractor market conditions, building products and current building trends, clients prize our ability to creatively maximize pro forma projections by pushing the limits of the design and building process, effectively reducing the per unit cost.

From project inception to completion, our team of experienced professionals works with the highest degree of expertise to prevent problems, overcome obstacles and find solutions.  We go the extra mile to address all aspects of the building lifecycle from the initial construction through the sustainability of sourced materials and energy efficiency of the final project.

Over the years the key to our success has been due to the valuable client relationships that have been developed through years of partnerships and straightforward honesty.  Our clients are our priority, so when you put your trust in us, we promise to deliver.  As your trusted advisor and manager, we take our role very seriously and our goal is always the same: generate the greatest possible return on investment for your project.




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